Singtrea 660 Scooter

Singtrea 660 Scooter

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Singtrea 660 Scooter 4T is specifically designed for Vietnam market. It is a high quality, low friction, synthetic technology engine oil with Cool-Syn technology designed specifically for modern 4-stroke automatic transmission scooter engines.

Singtrea 660 Scooter 4T provides excellent lubrication and anti-wear protection, while helping to provide a low friction coefficient and providing outstanding thermal resistance for improved high temperatures deposit control and resistance to oxidation.

1. Quality classification

Meets requirements of API SN & JASO MB

2. Characteristic

• Outstanding thermal oxidation stability.

• Outstanding anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

• Increased power / fuel economy and improved drivability.

• Excellent dirt dispersion and detergency properties.

• Excellent shear stability maintains viscosity under high temperature, high shear environment

• Outstanding low temperatures properties enable easy starting at low ambient temperatures.

• Ensures effective lubrication and wear protection at start-up.

• Low volatility characteristics reduce oil consumption.

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