Things to be mindful of when riding a motorcycle in the rainy season


As of 2020, there are around 65 million motorcycles in Vietnam and is still rising. Therefore, ensuring safety while riding a motorbike in the rainy season is a crucial skill for people who live in Vietnam. Severe weather conditions can lead to many dangerous situations. Understanding what to do when you're stuck in the rain while driving a motorcycle can help ensure safety and prevent unforeseen accidents.

1. Prepare a suitable raincoat

Having a suitable raincoat helps to limit the amount of rain that gets you wet. It even helps you to control the motorcycle better, which also could prevent accidents because of lack of vision. Pick yourself a tidy raincoat, which will be easier to organize and prevent itself from entangling from the wheel.

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2. Avoid driving near a big tree and electric pole

On a stormy day, The wind can uproot the tree and electric pole, which could cause fatal damage to the driver


3. Go with a slow and consistent speed

when people get stuck in a traffic jam because of rain or a flooded road, they may want to move fast to get home or their destination. However, going fast could lead to consequences as the driver doesn't have a clear vision or the reflex needed as there may be obstacles under the water.

For the safety of the people, the driver drives the motorcycle slowly and cautiously when driving in the rain or through a flooded area. Also, do not suddenly accelerate and drive fast since it could make the motorcycle engine stop.

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4. Avoid driving near cars or trucks when driving in a flooded area

Underneath the water is the blind spot for the motorcyclist, and driving near any automobile will increase the blind spot that the driver may not foresee, which may cause unfortunate accidents.

Moreover, While driving in a flooded area, a car or truck will create waves of water that could cause unbalance for smaller vehicles like motorcycles and cause them to fall over.

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5. Consider washing and changing the oil for the motorcycle after travelling through rainy or flooded areas.

Vehicle owners should wash their vehicles to remove dirt and minimize rust and corrosion of internal components. At the same time, oil change is also crucial, especially the gearbox oil for scooters. Because when the oil mixes with water, it will reduce the lubrication and cooling effect of the engine. Moreover, it can cause internal engine components such as gears and crankshafts to wear out.


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